Nomadic Communications - aa 2012-13

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The course is held, as usual, jointly by Dr. Alessandro Villani and myself.

I will cover mostly the theoric/descriptive parts, while Alessandro will take care of the labs. The program is described on the official Faculty page. Labs are mandatory, part of the exam will be based on Lab reports. This year the labs will be more focused on HotSpot management and design and less on measures and experiments.


March 11 we start the regular calendar


The formal exams dates during the summer are:

You have to subscribe via ESSE3 when you want to take the exam, however the actual date of the exam is free, you just have to take an appointment with me. I strongly encourage groups to take the oral together, but there is no fromal requirement on this. This summer I'm mostly not in Trento for work, thus you should take the oral exam before June 8, between June 24 and June 29, between July 29 and August 1 or in September.

The oral can be taken when the lab reports are delivered in their final form, but you have to allow me 3-4 days minimum to correct the reports. I can receive and correct reports via e-mail also when I'm not in Trento in July, but in June.

Labs Organization

This year the labs are centered on HotSpot planning and management, you will see how to use different softwares (both free and proprietary) for AP management based on the CapWap architecture (more on this will be taught in theoric lessons), and you will have to discover APs and their use in our buildings as well as to plan possible improvements for our system. Labs are best done in pairs, specially for writing the reports. Groups of three are accepted, as well as singles. More than three the work bocomes too dispersive.

Bill Board

Teaching and Support Material

We don't have any "official textbook." Here are the printouts of the slides I use to follow a predefined course while teaching. They are by no means a textbook and I will spend maybe half a lesson on a single slide and ... surf over the next 10 in 10 minutes. They are intended to help you in scribbling notes, not to substitute the lessons. They are posted before the lesson, sometimes the evening before, but normally with a couple of days advance. If you want to have an idea of the whole material you can check the material of the past years, but I normally change part of the course, so do not entirely rely on old material.

Additional Material and Final Seminars

This material is given to highlight additional interesting topics in Nomadic Communications and to highlight scientific work ongoing within the Advanced Networking Systems here at DISI.


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