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DALi's consortium visited "La ciudad de los Ancianos" residence

Dali's partners visited La Ciudad e los Ancianos elderly residence and celebrated a technological Tea Party with residents and care givers.

The last DALi meeting before the first year review took place at Madrid (Spain) at Indra premises (1st-2nd of October 2012).

Together with this workshop the consortium is accomplishing two activities at Ciudad Real (Spain), a visit to “La ciudad de los Ancianos” and the celebration of three Tea Parties at its facilities.

“La ciudad de los ancianos” is an elderly care residence that follows a pioneer model for its residents. It guarantees that couples that have always lived together continue in that way maintaining a higher privacy and autonomy than in other elderly residences, while offering a lot of group activities.

The residence covers a surface of 10.000 square meters and it has the holding capacity of 112 inmates, 80 with a moderate dependency and 32 with high dependency.  The complex in made up of 40 supervised houses and a special unit for highly dependent people.

The Tea Parties involved over 50 members of the general public, both elderly people and care givers, in discussing the benefit of having DALi’s technology and what they would want from such a technology.